What Are You Really Putting Onto Your Skin?


What Are You Really Putting Onto Your Skin?

In our daily lives we love to try out new products from popular shops including beauty products. The only issue with all of these products is, do you actually know what is in your product? Most of the time when you buy a new body scrub or moisturiser from popular stores you will not be aware of all the chemicals and additives in them which can be harmful to your skin. I can guarantee that if you read the back of your current beauty products you would not know 90% of the ingredients. Using these products for the first time can be risky as you don’t know what is going onto your body and in some cases can cause severe damage on your skin.


Is it really worth putting your body through severe pain just to try the newest beauty product? There are products out there that are similar and actually good for your skin. If you are searching for that product, then you have found the right place! Our company STAR SCRUBS provides a body scrub that comes in three different fragrances and is 100% organic and vegan. On every package it lists the ingredients that have been used in that exact scrub and also the recipe, so that you can recreate it!


The available fragrances are Peppermint, Vanilla and Coffee and they retail for $6 each bag. In each bag you get 4-5 applications and all proceeds go to B.A.S.P. B.A.S.P stands for Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project and they help asylum seekers by providing hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum. As a project within our VCAL (Victorian Certificate in Applied Learning) class we are raising money for B.A.S.P as we believe it is a great cause to support.


If you are interested in buying this product it will be up for sale at the Elwood market on the 3rd of November from 9am.

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