The Secret Behind the Bracelets!!!


The Secret Behind the Bracelets!!!

The secret behind the bracelets: how a natural disaster turned into something beautiful.

During my adventures in Bali, I came across many different products that were handmade by the lovely Balinese people and that inspired me to try and start a new fashion accessory business.

I have visited bali over 10 times and every year I go there is a different ‘trend’. When I went to Bali recently I was inspired by the beautiful jewelry I had discovered. These stunning pieces looked absolutely wonderful on, and I couldn’t look past them. My school VCAL project allowed me to create my own small business. This quickly turned into a family affair with my mother and I importing amazing pieces from Bali.

These bracelets, have been handmade by the Balinese who were terribly affected by the Mt Agung eruption. Over 700 hundred people had to flee their villages and find a safe place to live. It was an extremely bad disaster that left so many people homeless and living in tents at semi safe campsites. Through adversity, an enterprising group got together and found pieces of dried lava stones and started to make bracelets. They spent hours creating and getting them perfect and found some string to put them on. Every bracelet has a cute little charm to represent the island that Bali is. All the bracelets have also been blessed by one of the priests who was also affected by the volcano. Buying these lava beads help support the people in Indonesia who need to rebuild.  However, this project allows the buyer to support another worthwhile cause…


BASP (Brigidine Asylum Seeker Program) The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP) was established in 2001. It is a Melbourne-based initiative of the Brigidine Sisters whose motto is Strength and Kindness.. The Brigidine Sisters have been engaged in education and social justice in Victoria since 1886”.

BASP aims to:

  • Provide hospitality and practical support for people
    seeking asylum;
  • Actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers;
  • Promote advocacy for the rights of people seeking asylum;
  • Engage in education about asylum seekers’ issues


If you are interested in purchasing these products plus many more jewelry pieces come visit me at the Elwood Market on November the 3rd 2018!
I will be selling the bracelets for $15, make sure your quick cause i’m sure these won’t last

very long! See you there……Emily

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