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How Not to Buy a Boring Gift

Why pick a boring candle to decorate your room? When you can buy one of these amazing terrariums that are suitable for all ages!

Looking to buy a personal gift for a friend? Or looking to buy one for your children? Terrariums are the perfect gift, they are all handmade and can be personalised. There are many different designs of our terrariums available and although lots of stores sell them, not many have the option to choose what figurines you want in your terrarium.

Terrariums look great anywhere, you can put them in bedrooms, on the desk in your office or if you have hanging ones people can hang them up somewhere in their room. Another reason why they are such a good gift is if the person doesn’t really have a garden you can make this a little garden for them. Terrariums can last for a long time and are relatively easy to care for, all they need it air, water and love!


Our brand “World in a Jar” was created  in year 11, while completing VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning). VCAL is a senior school certificate like VCE, but as a more hands on learning approach and a vocational focus.

The VCAL students all wanted to make sure their products gave back to the community, hence the partnership with BASP was formed. The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project ( BASP ) was established in 2001. The Brigidine Sisters have been engaged in education and social justice in Victoria since 1886. They aim to provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum; actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers.

If you want to buy some personalised terrariums come down to Elwood market on November 3rd and have a look at our stall ‘World in a Jar’.

Hope to see you there,Beth