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5 ‘Must Have’ Handbag Essentials

These products are all things that you will need in your handbag for a night out with the girls or in an emergency at work! You will never have to worry if you have a #girlstuff emergency kit on hand.

Hair ties – Hair ties are extremely valuable. Nothing looks worse than messy hair because of a faulty tie.

Lip balm – Lip balm is needed to keep your lips nice and hydrated so they don’t dry out during a night out or in the sun.

Gum – Gum is needed to keep your mouth and breath smelling nice and fresh.


Band aids – Yep – we have all had a ‘new shoe’ night. ‘Blisters be gone with band aids’.

Bobby pins – Bobby pins are needed as they are crucial to holding back that fringe to keep it out of your face when having a good time.

All proceeds earned from selling the #girlstuff emergency kits will go towards BASP. BASP was selected as our chosen charity because the VCAL girls feel very passionate about helping asylum seekers. BASP was established in 2001 by co-founders Sr Brigid Arthur and Sr Catherine Kelly. BASP helps provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum and promotes advocacy for their rights.

Creating the product was a VCAL project focusing on enterprise and community. VCAL is an education certificate for the final years of school, like VCE, but has a vocational focus and requires students to do a TAFE course at the same time. During the VCAL program, students do various workshops and get extra qualifications and certificates such as food handling and RSA. VCAL helps students get a head start with qualifications for jobs they would like. It is a hands on approach to learning!