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STOP NOW!!!! You CAN Have Beauty For Less!

You’ll never look at commercial body scrubs the same after seeing these amazing homemade Body Scrubs…


Tell me something… Have you ever walked into a beauty store and thought “WOW, these body scrubs are wayyyy too overpriced”? Because I definitely have.


BUT, I have sourced a new way of having more and spending less. This means making your own body scrubs at home with all-natural ingredients for a whole lot cheaper.


Beauty stores are suspect of selling overpriced products and we, as people, are the victims of buying them. When I walk into chain-store beauty product shops, my nose is suddenly filled with amazing scents and my eyes are widened with loads of colours, this is why people are so drawn into spending their money. There are also a large range of different coloured and scented body scrubs. But, they are in TINY TUBS for at least $15 EACH!?!?!?!


This angers me, as people are being roped into buying body scrubs that are super expensive and can contain harmful ingredients. They may cause rashes or infection if people are not aware of what’s in them.


For reasons like these, I believe it would be a better solution to create your own recipes, spending less money buying ingredients and making a lot more than a tiny tub. All up when you think about it AND do the math’s, creating your own body scrubs is cheaper than buying a $15 tub from from a big brand…



Just 4 ingredients is all it takes to make your own body scrub. It is quick, easy and a whole lot cheaper… The prices of the ingredients are: Honey $4.00, Olive Oil $5.00, Brown Sugar $2.20 and Black Pepper $1.65. The total to make this body scrub is $12.85, which means you would be saving $2.15 AND getting a whole lot more scrub!

If you are interested in buying homemade scrubs, then they will be available in 3 different scents: Coffee, Vanilla and Peppermint for ONLY $6 EACH!!!! Please note that all proceeds go to the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project https://basp.org.au/ to help raise money and awareness for Asylum Seekers.