Saving the Planet… One Sip at a Time!


Saving the Planet… One Sip at a Time!


A new product on the market, The Green Turtle aims to combat the ever present war on waste one straw at a time. Stainless steel straws have become a coffee shop phenomenon and with The Green Turtle taking action further by donating all profits to BASP. Be sure to not miss out on this hot and new product. Green turtle is the brainchild of a year 12 student, with her passionate nature, Madison Rogers has in the fashion whelm and sustainable living. Madison discovered a hole in the market for those who wished to help look after the earth but struggled to know where to start. Madison suggests “ The first step to being ethically sustainable is to take a look in your own home, find a problem and slowly make changes”. She acknowledges that living in a waste free home and living an environmentally lifestyle is not an overnight change stating “If it was an overnight task, we would be living in a natal sustainable utopia”.



Madison Rogers’ journey blossomed from projects provided by the VCAL program, a hands on learning experience that sits alongside the traditional VCE program. The Green Turtle began as an enterprise project handed to students to enable them to grasp the life of an entrepreneur. In conjunction to this set task, the class studied asylum seekers and in particular the BASP asylum seekers project. The Green Turtle brand sprouted from these two projects combined to create a solution to both a deteriorating earth as well as Asylum seekers seeking refuge in Australia.


The Green Turtle straws and cases are to be sold at a local community market on 3rd October located at Elwood Market. The products will be sold for $8 for a set of two straws and themed protection cover. Alternatively a single straw can be purchased with a case for $5. All proceeds will be donated to Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project. To donate directly to BASP asylum seekers on the following website

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