Ring of the Ears


Ring of the Ears

Star Of The Sea Collage ~ 3 Yr 11 Girls ~ VCAL


3 year 11 students in VCAL have produced their own brand of silver stud earrings called Ring of the Ears.


They were set a task to produce or buy their product and to sell at the Elwood Market that will be held on November 3rd. The girls planned and researched materials and product ideas and came up with the idea of beautiful silver stud earrings.


The girls created a video advert using their product to sell their brand Ring of the Ears, and have also developed a marketing plan, to make and distribute information to the wider school community.


The earrings will retail for 2 for $5 and 5 for $1o, with all profits going towards BASP (Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project) who support people seeking asylum in Australia. Please come down to the Elwood market on the 3RD of November and get your hands on some of these gorgeous earrings.


Written by Ruby Sheppard

(Student at Star Of The Sea College)

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