It’s a Rainy Day But Kids Still Play


It’s a Rainy Day But Kids Still Play

So, You’ve looked at the forecast for the rest of the week:


Rain, rain, rain.


Typical Melbourne weather.


And not to mention the kids! WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THE KIDS?

Are they driving you CRAZY?


Kids just seem to have so much energy these days and keeping them entertained is becoming more and more difficult.


Nothing they have at home is exciting anymore..

You want to keep them happy but it would be nice to do this without breaking the bank, wouldn’t it?


Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops have a wide variety of games and activities for kids. Head down to your local store to find some items like these:

((Many of the items that we found were unopened so they would make perfect gifts. No need to buy new at all!)

Collection of children’s books

$3 per book

Totally Bead-iful Rings ‘n Things


Glee CD Board Game


And remember to always donate your unwanted children’s toys to local Sacred Heart Mission op shops

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