‘How to Make Your Skin ‘Star’ & ‘Shine’


‘How to Make Your Skin ‘Star’ & ‘Shine’

No more dead skin, with Star Scrubs.

‘Star Scrubs’ help you value your true self, with their ongoing desire to make your natural self feel amazing. Dry and dead skin is a problem every woman faces, including myself.


As a teenager, I suffered from severe cracked skin, I tried everything. But came to the realization that the issue was the lack of natural and organic ingredients in the products I was using. I then came across a brand ‘Star Scrubs’ who specialize in body scrubs, with their extensive range from Coffee flavour to Vanilla Salt and Peppermint…. It was hard not to try them all.

I can’t recommend enough how good the ‘Coffee’ flavour felt on my skin, I normally expect scrub applications to be messy and dirty however this was the complete opposite, as it stuck to my showered body. It smelt so yummy it was hard to resist eating it.


Once you apply the scrub to your body, you can rub it in using circular motions which helps achieve soft and baby like smooth skin.

By doing this process weekly, you will find the layer of the oldest dead skin completely falls off ‘Did you know dead skin, is the key cause of blackheads?’… Not only that but it helps increase blood circulation, which in return leaves you with beautiful glowing skin.


  • CONTROLS excess OIL





Exfoliating your pores will also help ensure your skin care products deliver the best results and make them worthwhile…

Personally, I can’t recommend the Importance of exfoliating enough, remembering it is the most important step of your skincare routine and ultimately gives the quickest results.

Perhaps my favorite reason for purchasing ‘Star Scrubs’ is that all money made goes directly to ‘BASP’ an organization that provides Asylum Seekers with support and assistance when integrating in Australia.

I would recommend purchasing ‘Star Scrubs’, available at The Elwood Market on the 3rd of November.

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