How can your dog help asylum seekers?


How can your dog help asylum seekers?

Do you know what you’re really feeding you dog? Many people go for the easy options when purchasing food for their furry friend. While this can be cost effective it usually means you’re skimping out on their health. These generic and home brand products often contain animal by products and preservatives that offer little to no nutritional benefits to your dog.

Natural Pup Co is a small business that offer organic, homemade dog biscuits that contain all natural ingredients that can give your dog some of the nutrients they need.

So how can your dog help the asylum seekers too?

By coming along to the Elwood market on November 3rd, you can come and have a look at all the products the Star VCAL class have for sale, including Natural Pup Co. All proceeds from our products go directly to BASP and their work to give these people a better life.

This year (2018), just over 18,000 asylum seekers made Australia their new home.

The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project is a not-for-profit organisation that provides housing and other assistance to families who have been granted permission to come and settle in Australia.

This semester, the students of this years Star of the Sea VCAL class have each engaged in creating an enterprise to develop our skills in the workplace, and raise money for BASP.

Feel free to leave a comment  with a question or if you’re thinking of attending.

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