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Fantasy World Without the Extra Cost ….

Wanting to create your own Fantasy world? Don’t have the money or space for the extra addition? Then look no further!

‘World In A Jar’ is just what you are looking for. It’s affordable, easy to look after and an eye catching fantasy world in a jar!

For a generic terrarium you could be pay upwards of $100!!! That’s why ‘World In A Jar’ is the perfect option for those not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a terrarium. Prices range from $15-$25 for a personalised terrarium, which is a deal you wouldn’t dare to refuse.

Buying a gift for a child, adult or grandparents? Our terrarium range is not exclusive to one age, you can personalise your terrarium for whomever you wish!

By purchasing a ‘World In A Jar’ terrarium, you are supporting BASP – The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project is a not for profit organisation, trying to aid asylum seekers, seeking refuge in Australia. BASP aims to provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum, Actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers, promote advocacy for the rights of people seeking asylum and also engage in education about asylum seekers’ issues. Pre-order your terrarium today via Stars on a Mission website or come down and visit us at the Elwood market on the 3rd of November!!!!



Ring of the Ears

Star Of The Sea Collage ~ 3 Yr 11 Girls ~ VCAL


3 year 11 students in VCAL have produced their own brand of silver stud earrings called Ring of the Ears.


They were set a task to produce or buy their product and to sell at the Elwood Market that will be held on November 3rd. The girls planned and researched materials and product ideas and came up with the idea of beautiful silver stud earrings.


The girls created a video advert using their product to sell their brand Ring of the Ears, and have also developed a marketing plan, to make and distribute information to the wider school community.


The earrings will retail for 2 for $5 and 5 for $1o, with all profits going towards BASP (Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project) who support people seeking asylum in Australia. Please come down to the Elwood market on the 3RD of November and get your hands on some of these gorgeous earrings.


Written by Ruby Sheppard

(Student at Star Of The Sea College)



Try Our Beautiful Homemade Body Scrubs and Support A Good Cause.


If the soap you are using now is damaging your skin, then you should try our homemade body scrubs today!


You should try our body scrubs because they are homemade, and we know every ingredient that goes into them.


The price of our body scrub is a very reasonable $6. Each packet is enough for 4-5 applications.


Our scrubs come in 3 different amazing scents:





As part of completing our VCAL certificate, we had to come up with a product to sell at the Elwood market on the 3rd of November. This is part of our enterprise project and all profits made go to BASP.


BASP is an organstion that helps those who are seeking asylum and want to have a better life. BASP provides them with lots of support. Some of the things BASP aims to do is:


  • Provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum;

  • Actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers;

  • Promote advocacy for the rights of people seeking asylum;

  • Engage in education about asylum seekers’ issues.

Hope you can make it,



How Not to Buy a Boring Gift

Why pick a boring candle to decorate your room? When you can buy one of these amazing terrariums that are suitable for all ages!

Looking to buy a personal gift for a friend? Or looking to buy one for your children? Terrariums are the perfect gift, they are all handmade and can be personalised. There are many different designs of our terrariums available and although lots of stores sell them, not many have the option to choose what figurines you want in your terrarium.

Terrariums look great anywhere, you can put them in bedrooms, on the desk in your office or if you have hanging ones people can hang them up somewhere in their room. Another reason why they are such a good gift is if the person doesn’t really have a garden you can make this a little garden for them. Terrariums can last for a long time and are relatively easy to care for, all they need it air, water and love!


Our brand “World in a Jar” was created  in year 11, while completing VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning). VCAL is a senior school certificate like VCE, but as a more hands on learning approach and a vocational focus.

The VCAL students all wanted to make sure their products gave back to the community, hence the partnership with BASP was formed. The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project ( BASP ) was established in 2001. The Brigidine Sisters have been engaged in education and social justice in Victoria since 1886. They aim to provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum; actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers.

If you want to buy some personalised terrariums come down to Elwood market on November 3rd and have a look at our stall ‘World in a Jar’.

Hope to see you there,Beth


‘How to Make Your Skin ‘Star’ & ‘Shine’

No more dead skin, with Star Scrubs.

‘Star Scrubs’ help you value your true self, with their ongoing desire to make your natural self feel amazing. Dry and dead skin is a problem every woman faces, including myself.


As a teenager, I suffered from severe cracked skin, I tried everything. But came to the realization that the issue was the lack of natural and organic ingredients in the products I was using. I then came across a brand ‘Star Scrubs’ who specialize in body scrubs, with their extensive range from Coffee flavour to Vanilla Salt and Peppermint…. It was hard not to try them all.

I can’t recommend enough how good the ‘Coffee’ flavour felt on my skin, I normally expect scrub applications to be messy and dirty however this was the complete opposite, as it stuck to my showered body. It smelt so yummy it was hard to resist eating it.


Once you apply the scrub to your body, you can rub it in using circular motions which helps achieve soft and baby like smooth skin.

By doing this process weekly, you will find the layer of the oldest dead skin completely falls off ‘Did you know dead skin, is the key cause of blackheads?’… Not only that but it helps increase blood circulation, which in return leaves you with beautiful glowing skin.


  • CONTROLS excess OIL





Exfoliating your pores will also help ensure your skin care products deliver the best results and make them worthwhile…

Personally, I can’t recommend the Importance of exfoliating enough, remembering it is the most important step of your skincare routine and ultimately gives the quickest results.

Perhaps my favorite reason for purchasing ‘Star Scrubs’ is that all money made goes directly to ‘BASP’ an organization that provides Asylum Seekers with support and assistance when integrating in Australia.

I would recommend purchasing ‘Star Scrubs’, available at The Elwood Market on the 3rd of November.


Create The Worlds Smallest Garden..,.

Apartment? Flat? Small backyard? Even with little to no garden, these products can live for months, if treated well. The World in a Jar terrariums are a hot, up and coming and the new “in”  gift for anyone. The World in a Jar terrariums are the perfect personal gift  and at the perfect price point!! For a generic terrarium you could be play upward of $100+!!!! But the price point of our terrariums is what really makes them the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. Paying anywhere from $15-25 for a personalised terrarium is a deal you wouldn’t want to refuse. These gifts are a winning for people of all ages!!! from little kids to grandparents, they’re not exclusive.

Our brand was created thanks to being in year 11 completing The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). VCAL is a hands on learning experience, different to the mainstream VCE. Smaller classes as well as classes more addressed to helping teach students skills to go straight from school into the workplace are some of the main features of VCAL.

Even if you aren’t the best at caring for things, this self sufficient plant pretty much takes care of itself!! just follow the handy instructions included when you purchase your own and you can’t go wrong. sunlight and a little bit of water and your terrarium is pretty much set.

The VCAL students all wanted to make sure their products gave back to the community, hence the introduction of The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP). BASP was established in 2001. The Brigidine Sisters have been engaged in education and social justice in Victoria since 1886. They aim to provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum; actively network with like-minded individuals and groups who are working for justice for asylum seekers; promote advocacy for the rights of people seeking asylum; engage in education about asylum seekers’ issues.

If you’re interested in purchasing our product head down to the Elwood market on the 3rd of November and grab yourself this enlightening home decoration!!!


What Are You Really Putting Onto Your Skin?

In our daily lives we love to try out new products from popular shops including beauty products. The only issue with all of these products is, do you actually know what is in your product? Most of the time when you buy a new body scrub or moisturiser from popular stores you will not be aware of all the chemicals and additives in them which can be harmful to your skin. I can guarantee that if you read the back of your current beauty products you would not know 90% of the ingredients. Using these products for the first time can be risky as you don’t know what is going onto your body and in some cases can cause severe damage on your skin.


Is it really worth putting your body through severe pain just to try the newest beauty product? There are products out there that are similar and actually good for your skin. If you are searching for that product, then you have found the right place! Our company STAR SCRUBS provides a body scrub that comes in three different fragrances and is 100% organic and vegan. On every package it lists the ingredients that have been used in that exact scrub and also the recipe, so that you can recreate it!


The available fragrances are Peppermint, Vanilla and Coffee and they retail for $6 each bag. In each bag you get 4-5 applications and all proceeds go to B.A.S.P. B.A.S.P stands for Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project and they help asylum seekers by providing hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum. As a project within our VCAL (Victorian Certificate in Applied Learning) class we are raising money for B.A.S.P as we believe it is a great cause to support.


If you are interested in buying this product it will be up for sale at the Elwood market on the 3rd of November from 9am.


Make Tweens go WILD!!!

Amazing Gift Ideas

Do you find it difficult to find a present for people AGED between 10 – 16? I can fix that with my products. The one thing girls love at this age are earrings. They are the perfect gift to get for a friend or family member. These earrings are little stud novelty earrings with lots of quirky designs to choose from. Girls will love these earrings as they have over 20 designs to choose from to suit their personality. All the designs are really cute and they are great earrings because you can also wear them to school and what’s school without a bit of fashion. This is the perfect present and if you were to buy my earrings the price is affordable for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a present or gift. With Christmas coming up, earrings are perfect to buy for presents and you can get most of your Christmas / birthday shopping done in the one place. If you have a gift box at home my earrings are perfect to put in that box and then if you need to get someone a gift and don’t have any time, just grab my earrings and you will have the perfect gift. Also every girl loves to wear some jewellery that shows a bit of their personality.


Students at Star of the Sea College are doing this as part of a VCAL project. The aim of the project is to create our very own enterprise business and sell a product at a market. VCAL stands for Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and is a hands-on option for students in Years 11 and 12. VCAL gives students practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work. To find out more click on the link: VCAL.

All the proceeds will go to the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP) which is an organisation that helps people who are seeking asylum in Victoria.  It is a charity that raises awareness of the issues that Asylum Seekers are facing today in the detention centers overseas. BASP exists to try and help all the people from other countries who are coming by boat to Australia to Seek Asylum to start a new life but are being sent to the detention centers as the government is not allowing them into Australia. Click on the link to find out more: BASP.





STOP NOW!!!! You CAN Have Beauty For Less!

You’ll never look at commercial body scrubs the same after seeing these amazing homemade Body Scrubs…


Tell me something… Have you ever walked into a beauty store and thought “WOW, these body scrubs are wayyyy too overpriced”? Because I definitely have.


BUT, I have sourced a new way of having more and spending less. This means making your own body scrubs at home with all-natural ingredients for a whole lot cheaper.


Beauty stores are suspect of selling overpriced products and we, as people, are the victims of buying them. When I walk into chain-store beauty product shops, my nose is suddenly filled with amazing scents and my eyes are widened with loads of colours, this is why people are so drawn into spending their money. There are also a large range of different coloured and scented body scrubs. But, they are in TINY TUBS for at least $15 EACH!?!?!?!


This angers me, as people are being roped into buying body scrubs that are super expensive and can contain harmful ingredients. They may cause rashes or infection if people are not aware of what’s in them.


For reasons like these, I believe it would be a better solution to create your own recipes, spending less money buying ingredients and making a lot more than a tiny tub. All up when you think about it AND do the math’s, creating your own body scrubs is cheaper than buying a $15 tub from from a big brand…



Just 4 ingredients is all it takes to make your own body scrub. It is quick, easy and a whole lot cheaper… The prices of the ingredients are: Honey $4.00, Olive Oil $5.00, Brown Sugar $2.20 and Black Pepper $1.65. The total to make this body scrub is $12.85, which means you would be saving $2.15 AND getting a whole lot more scrub!

If you are interested in buying homemade scrubs, then they will be available in 3 different scents: Coffee, Vanilla and Peppermint for ONLY $6 EACH!!!! Please note that all proceeds go to the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project to help raise money and awareness for Asylum Seekers.



5 ‘Must Have’ Handbag Essentials

These products are all things that you will need in your handbag for a night out with the girls or in an emergency at work! You will never have to worry if you have a #girlstuff emergency kit on hand.

Hair ties – Hair ties are extremely valuable. Nothing looks worse than messy hair because of a faulty tie.

Lip balm – Lip balm is needed to keep your lips nice and hydrated so they don’t dry out during a night out or in the sun.

Gum – Gum is needed to keep your mouth and breath smelling nice and fresh.


Band aids – Yep – we have all had a ‘new shoe’ night. ‘Blisters be gone with band aids’.

Bobby pins – Bobby pins are needed as they are crucial to holding back that fringe to keep it out of your face when having a good time.

All proceeds earned from selling the #girlstuff emergency kits will go towards BASP. BASP was selected as our chosen charity because the VCAL girls feel very passionate about helping asylum seekers. BASP was established in 2001 by co-founders Sr Brigid Arthur and Sr Catherine Kelly. BASP helps provide hospitality and practical support for people seeking asylum and promotes advocacy for their rights.

Creating the product was a VCAL project focusing on enterprise and community. VCAL is an education certificate for the final years of school, like VCE, but has a vocational focus and requires students to do a TAFE course at the same time. During the VCAL program, students do various workshops and get extra qualifications and certificates such as food handling and RSA. VCAL helps students get a head start with qualifications for jobs they would like. It is a hands on approach to learning!