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Just and Simple Fair Pop Up Shop

Every year Star of the Sea hold the Just and Simple Fair full of different stalls hosted by a variety of charities and volunteers.  In 2017, The Big Issue, the Colomban Missions,  Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda Gatehouse, and Year 9s Giving Back will be represented at the fair.  All the money raised will go back to the organisations selling goods. It will be a great day full of lots of fun, for a good cause (and a bonus view of our beautiful school).

As a VCAL class we have organised a little pop up shop for this event. Last year we sold some unique jewelry to aid the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project. This year we have our own Sacred Heart Mission Pop Up Op Shop. from which we will be selling the clothes and handy items that we recently sourced from local Sacred Heart Mission Op shops.

The timing is perfect, as all your Christmas shopping will be sorted. You’ll find toys, games and books, electrical goods and homewares, as well as fabulous fashion!

All the money we make will go directly to Sacred Heart Mission. Considering it only takes $4 to provide a meal to someone who is experiencing disadvantage or homelessness, I’m sure the funds we raise will be most welcome.

Make sure you don’t miss this fantastic day, open to everyone who wants to come to Star of the Sea College between 12-2 on the 29th of November. Feel happy knowing how much you are helping others as well as relief that your Christmas gifts are now organised.


Why Shop At Op Shops

Vintage! Pre Loved! Antique! Retro! Up Cycled! Unique! Quirky! Hip! – Yep… Second hand clothing is all of these things… and more!


Half the time you would have no idea it is from a Sacred Heart Op Shop, because it is still in as good condition as the day it was made. Just because it is second hand, does not mean it’s not just as good quality or as functional as a new item. Sometimes it’s BETTER. For example, what would you rather…  A well-tailored dress from Scanlan Theodore, Manning Cartell, Camilla, Burberry etc. ? Or a cheap ill-made new dress from a ‘fast fashion’ outlet? Designer outfits are much better quality using beautiful fabrics and made to last. Fast fashion is typically designed to last only a couple of wears before it falls apart.


Buying Pre Owned things is much more attractive than it used to be. Once it was just the domain of students and hipsters. Over the last few years, buying goods at Sacred Heart Op Shops has become more and more popular. More and more cool people are doing it.


So why not buy presents for your friends and family from Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops?


Not only are the items still in good condition they are also cheap. And at the same time you are helping,  as the money you spend is going to a good cause ( think Sacred Heart Mission). You are also helping the environment by donating unwanted clothes and not throwing them away into landfill. In one go you can find what you want for yourself, a friend or family member – no matter what age or size or interest they have, you can find the one gift they want at a Sacred Heart Op shop.


YOUR BIG SISTER WHO THINKS SHE’S A BIT LIKE JESS HART: We found a gold Karen Millen dress at the Grey Street Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop. Dresses from Karen Millen now retail for around $200- $300+. For most people (including your sister), that is a lot of money and fashion they would not be able to afford. Luckily for us, Sacred Heart Op Shops mean you can afford your brands for under $50. Better still, a lot of the clothing is brand new or only worn a few times.

To match the gorgeous gold Karen Millen dress, we found a Burberry shoulder bag, that your big sister could wear together to make her look amazing. (SPOILER ALERT: the bag is a copy, but it is still in perfect condition and for her, like most of us, it doesn’t matter if it is real or fake, as long as she look amazing, right?) This is a complete outfit you could give to someone as a present – even though you’d like it for yourself – that would only cost you $40. BARGAIN!


YOUR 13 YEAR-OLD COUSIN WHO’S TOO OLD FOR TOYS: We found a few electrical items at Sacred Heart Op shops. A muffin maker. A milkshake maker. Only $10. Before putting them on the shelves, Sacred Heart Mission tests all electronics to make sure they are still working, money-back guarantee. Why wouldn’t you want to buy a gift from Sacred Heart Mission when you are saving so much money but at the same time you are helping out those who are in need?


YOUR BOOK-CLUBBING GRANDMOTHER: For people like your Nan who like to have their noses in a book – but can’t afford to buy them or have to wait for a long time to get the reserved award-winning best-seller from the library – now you can buy her as many page-turner books as she wants from Sacred Heart Op shops for next to nothing. Or how about buying her a classic movie on DVD?  Don’t pay JB HI FI $40+  – Sacred Heart Op Shops sell them for a few dollars.


We think you would be CRAZY not to love shopping at Sacred Heart Op Shops to buy your presents. It takes so little to help someone in need. It’s so easy to save money. Killing two birds with one stone,  we like to call it.