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Fathers Day With Heart

Father’s Day Is Fast Approaching

Stuck for gift ideas for Dad?

Why not  go op-shopping at Sacred Heart Mission?  Here are some great gift ideas that are easy and cheap (but don’t tell him that!). You’ll be surprised at all the amazing and affordable gift ideas you can find for him at a Sacred Heart Op Shop near you.

Whether you’re after a unique-looking tie or some cool designer-brand shirts, Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops are the perfect place to find them at an affordable price.



We did a ‘Dad-Poll’ and here are our top 5 answers:

  1. Ties

A gift he will never get ‘TIED’ of. A tie for your dad may seem like a boring gift but he will love it. A tie is a simple but thoughtful gift idea. Fathers are always in need a great tie – whether it’s for work or a special occasion. In Sacred Heart Op Shops you can find some great quality, reputable brand ties for an affordable price. We found some really cool ties in the SHM op shops in our area. Have a look in yours.

  1. Shirts

A gift he’s ‘SHIRT’ to love. Don’t let your dad wear the same boring white shirt for days on end! Buy an inexpensive, one-of-a-kind shirt he will get noticed in, at a Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop. Not only will your Dad love his new shirt, but he will feel special knowing it could be an original item. The shirts sold at SHM are often samples, last season or limited edition. Be sure to pop in to your local SHM Op Shop to find some treasures for Dad.  

  1. Watches

A gift that’s just ‘WATCH’ he needs. Want to get your Dad a classy watch, but don’t have the money to buy it?  Try a Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop. There are numerous different types – designer brands or great quality watches – at bargain prices. Check out your local Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop to find a statement piece for your special dad.


  1. Books

‘BOOK’ Dad in for a great Father’s Day on the couch. Dads love to read, have you noticed? Thrillers, crime, biographies of sports stars, even cook books occasionally. Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops have a wide variety of books to suit every interest. If you go to a bookstore you’ll pay a fortune for one, but at Sacred Heart Op Shops you can load up your trolley. Your gift will keep Dad busy for hours, so he won’t notice that you didn’t put the garbage out.

So if you’re stuck for ideas for gifts for Father’s Day, check out your local Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop to find that perfect gift for your perfect Dad. We promise that it’ll be better than our Dad Jokes.