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Saturday Night With SHM

You may think buying second hand clothes is so… ‘not on trend !  You may even think… ‘who would want to wear second hand clothing out for a party?’ … but you couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of people like to wear a new outfit for every event they have, but does it really have to be ‘brand new’?  We find that Op shops are a great way to find new outfits as well as saving our hard earned cash. We have found so many cool ‘high end’ branded clothes from Sacred Heart op shops.  This could save you hundreds of dollars.

For example we found a Karen Millen dress that would normally cost well over $300 for only $30!

Fast Fashion is a big issue because people love to buy new clothes after they have only worn their outfit once or twice. They may have an event on or just catching up with friends. They say they have no clothes when they actually do  (but do they just want a new outfit?)  Today no one seems to want to repeat what they wore. A lot of people just throw out their clothes when they could maybe give them to an Op shop or give them to family friends or friends. When you throw away clothes they just end up sitting in landfill. We all know that this is not good for the environment. The more environmentally aware thing to do is:  donate your quality clothes to an Op shop and also start shopping at Op shops instead of buying more and more clothes that you may only wear once or twice.

Do you have a party on this weekend? You don’t have a lot of money? Would you rather spend $100’s on a new outfit or go to an Op shop and find a fabulous outfit for $10 – $50?


Ok – So you have a dress-up costume party this weekend! Oh no!!! Who wants to spend heaps of money on something that you are unlikely to EVER wear again? Op shops are a fantastic place to find fun costumes. An Op shop may just have a costume that you would never have thought of wearing. Keep your options open and think ….I might go to an Op shop and see just what they have.

We found….

Pocahontas – $12










French maid – $10










And for the Kids

Pirate – $2 and $10