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A Present From The Heart


It’s my Mum’s birthday this week – oh, and my grandma’s the next week!

I’m stuck  … what I should buy them?



I don’t have much money

I don’t have any ideas

I want to get them something good


Ask a few friends for their advice



Every place they suggest is too expensive

I’m running out of places to go!



I walk past my local Sacred Heart Mission OP Shop and have an idea

I find  the perfect presents at a good low price!

Everyone is happy!

For Mum:

Red Lace Dress by Dangerfield – $10

Pucci-inspired Matching Scarf – $4

Beaded Necklace – $4

Total = $18


For Granny:

Sugar, Coffee and Tea Canister set – $12

1001 Cupcakes, Cookies & Other Tempting Treats cook book – $3

Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef – $3

Total = $18



Gifts for Guys, Bloke’s, Bro’s, Chaps, Men, Gents, Boys, Lads and Fella’s!

Gifts for Guys, Bloke’s, Bro’s, Chaps, Men, Gents, Boys, Lads and Fella’s!

While the ‘males’ in our life sure can be fun to shop for, the task isn’t always an easy one. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when trying to think of the perfect gift idea for your stylish boyfriend, your outdoorsy brother, or your tech-savvy dad, you’re not alone! But luckily for you, today we’ve rounded up dozens of gift ideas for every type of man in your life.


Shirts – $5 – $7

These soft cotton shirts are great quality, designer brand dress shirts

Ties – $5

Great quality silk hand made ties for a bargain price

Watches – $10

 A great gift idea because he’s always running late!

Sunglasses – $2-$6

 Cheap and cool (and even some ‘designer’) sunnies

Backpacks – $5 – $10

 Is he going away anytime soon? Buy a great brand backpack to send him on his way.

Golf Balls – $1 each

A perfect gift for any golf obsessed man

Books – $5-$10

Getting sick of hearing your man’s voice… buy him a book!

Wallets – From $5

A safe place to hold cards and money so he doesn’t lose them again.

Belts – $4 – $8

Your man’s pants always falling down??? Then buy a great quality belt for an affordable price.

DVDs/ Games – $2

Great cheap movies to watch and games to play with him and the whole family.

Soo… Buying men gifts doesn’t have to be hard!


There are plenty of excellent presents out there. Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops makes finding them easy …. And affordable.

Whether you are looking for a unique-looking tie or some cool designer brand clothing or even some cheap sports gear,  Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops are the perfect place to find them, and to save money too.

And of course – by buying from Sacred Heart Mission, you are helping the environment as well as raising funds for those in need. Indeed – it is a Win – Win!

We hope this gift guide helps narrow down your shopping list a bit! And stay tuned for more gift guide posts.